A Pocketful of Recipes (FREE)

The Magic Diary: A Pocketful of RecipesI am so happy to tell you, that not only will I be publishing for the first time, but also that it will be for an honourable cause – an international anthology series called A Pocketful of Dreams.

My short story One Thousand Followers is a part of volume II Europe and Africa released this april.

A Pocketful of Dreams is the result of The Magic Diary Project, which is a unique, online, collaborative storytelling initiative, unifying people across borders in creative harmony.

The first thing we asked ourselves, when we set out to design the Magic Diary project was if our goal was to just build bridges across the globe. No, that could only be means to an end.

We wanted to spread some genuine camaraderie, a feeling of well-being, and a lot of happiness.

That is when we came up with the idea of a recipe book – a gift of love from the storytellers’ homelands.

We called it A Pocketful of Recipes – a unique, transcontinental, gastronomical experience. Food is happiness, and we wanted to share a slice of that happiness with all our readers.

Come, try the recipes, taste the world…

A Pocketful of Recipes – from a travelling diary and some storytellers.


Author: Vibeke Mouridsen

When Vibeke Mouridsen is not hunting bugs in software, she loves strawberry pie and a good movie. Vibeke is a writer @ Wibellus.com  — Life with words.

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