How books can make you a writer

Do you know Sophie Kinsella and her Shopaholic series? I have a confession to make: I am that kind of person. I am a shopaholic. A book shopaholic. When I see a bargain for a book, I buy that book right away. An ebook for free? Even better!

In every other matter, I am a very responsible and economical person. But not when it comes to books. Continue reading “How books can make you a writer”

The magic of great stories from around the world

A Pocketful of Dreams: a travelling diary & some storytellersA Pocketful of Dreams: a travelling diary & some storytellers by Magic Diary
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am astonished by this beautiful book. The first volume of a unique anthology series told by storytellers throughout the world. Beauty, dreams, and hope rise in a magic diary travelling through the internet. Continue reading “The magic of great stories from around the world”

How I got my writing manifesto

Are you a writer struggling with defining your audience, sticking to the rule of writing first thing in the morning or something completely different? Then the answer may very well lie in Discover Your Writing Self.

You may have read the article about my Writing Victory Journal. If not, it is still here for your pleasure to read. In that blog post, I mention an online course, I have taken part of throughout this august. The Discover Your Writing Self from Continue reading “How I got my writing manifesto”

The Effect of Susan – by Peter Høeg

One of the books in my summer reading was “The effect of Susan” by Peter Høeg. It was published even as early as last May, but a year passed before it hit my terrace.

“The effect of Susan” is a fast-paced futuristic crime thriller where people die on the strip around physicist genius Susan, which also has the unique personal capacity to cause an urge of other people to confide in her about the most personal secrets.
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The best books I have read over the years

Did you finish your last book? Don’t know what to read next? I have suggestions for you.

The following is a list of books that I ‘ve read over the years, and which I think has told a good story, been exciting, well-written or otherwise separated out and stored in my memory as readable. Continue reading “The best books I have read over the years”