How I got my writing manifesto

Are you a writer struggling with defining your audience, sticking to the rule of writing first thing in the morning or something completely different? Then the answer may very well lie in Discover Your Writing Self.

You may have read the article about my Writing Victory Journal. If not, it is still here for your pleasure to read. In that blog post, I mention an online course, I have taken part of throughout this august. The Discover Your Writing Self from Continue reading “How I got my writing manifesto”

Why you should keep a Writing Victory Journal

Have you ever been writing and not feeling confident? Feeling that you were not “good enough” and wanted to give up? I have and when this came clear to me, I started a Writing Victory journal. Why don’t you start one, too?

I had come to a stage, where I was beginning to have a routine for my blog. I knew the topics I wanted to write about, I knew how often I wanted to publish articles, I was a having an idea of how to write my blog posts, and I had written the first 10 posts. However, I still had one problem. I wasn’t sure, who my audience was. Who was I writing for? Continue reading “Why you should keep a Writing Victory Journal”

My top 3 sources of inspiration for writing

Are you new to writing and need inspiration? On these three pages you can find plenty of valuable stuff for free.

For about a year I had been playing with the idea of starting to write. A dream I already had as a teenager. Actually there were three things I wanted to be. I wanted to be a zookeeper, computer consultant or author. Continue reading “My top 3 sources of inspiration for writing”