How to get high on writing – five lessons learned from a writer’s retreat

Being a writer is usually a lonely job (or a hobby as it is for this writer). You get an idea, you write some, you plot, you write more, and then you write even more, you rewrite, you edit and at last you proofread. You are the lone wolf writer – until finally the day you have something to show the world.

But from getting the idea till you hold a product in your hand, you want to show to others, you have spent many hours in solitude. And you can easily give up. I almost did. Continue reading “How to get high on writing – five lessons learned from a writer’s retreat”

When the villain changes gender

Have you tried to start writing a book or a story and got stocked? Either because you started writing and didn’t know what to write next, or because you created a plot and got bored or blocked? I have, too, but now I’m using Writing Law No. Five.

Throughout the last three years, I have begun four novels. The three of them are located in the drawer (the virtual one) and will probably no longer come out. With the two of them, I just had an idea and started writing. The third I made an outline and a timeline. Common to all three of them is that I stopped writing after two chapters. Continue reading “When the villain changes gender”

My top 10 (and more) list of movies about writers and writing

What should you do on a rainy day when you get tired of writing? You should watch movies!

In addition to a big love for books and the stories they have enriched me with, since I learned to read in the 2nd grade (kindergarten class didn’t exist at the time), I also love watching a good movie. Great stories are told not only through books, but also through the film medium, and it’s obvious that screen writers throughout time have based the next movie on their own pains of writing. Continue reading “My top 10 (and more) list of movies about writers and writing”

How books can make you a writer

Do you know Sophie Kinsella and her Shopaholic series? I have a confession to make: I am that kind of person. I am a shopaholic. A book shopaholic. When I see a bargain for a book, I buy that book right away. An ebook for free? Even better!

In every other matter, I am a very responsible and economical person. But not when it comes to books. Continue reading “How books can make you a writer”