Writer’s resistance and academic cleaning

Have you been in a situation where you cannot write though you have lots of ideas? But your inbox is empty and you have ironed all your laundry. We have all been there and I have 3 tips for you to avoid getting stocked in procrastination.

I have a confession to make.

2 months ago I announced that I would rebuild the style of my blog. Well, that task was finished weeks ago, but I haven’t started writing yet. Until now. Continue reading “Writer’s resistance and academic cleaning”

My top 3 sources of inspiration for writing

Are you new to writing and need inspiration? On these three pages you can find plenty of valuable stuff for free.

For about a year I had been playing with the idea of starting to write. A dream I already had as a teenager. Actually there were three things I wanted to be. I wanted to be a zookeeper, computer consultant or author. Continue reading “My top 3 sources of inspiration for writing”

The Effect of Susan – by Peter Høeg

One of the books in my summer reading was “The effect of Susan” by Peter Høeg. It was published even as early as last May, but a year passed before it hit my terrace.

“The effect of Susan” is a fast-paced futuristic crime thriller where people die on the strip around physicist genius Susan, which also has the unique personal capacity to cause an urge of other people to confide in her about the most personal secrets.
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