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Welcome to Wibellus!

Wondering why I call this website Wibellus? Maybe you think that it’s my last name, and it could also very well be, but you’re still wrong.

If Wibellus is not my last name then what is it? Wibellus sounds a bit like Latin, but if you look up the word in a Latin dictionary, you get no hit.

Curios? The revelation comes here!

Most people today knows what a blog is. The word blog is a contraction of the words web log, ie blog therefore means a diary on the net. The Wibellus website is such a blog.

Although Wibellus cannot be found in the Latin vocabulary, the word still originates from Latin. Libellus means: “the little book” in Latin. If you put web in front of libellus and pull the words together so you substitute w for the l, you get just the word wibellus. In other words Wibellus means “the little book on the net.” Wibellus is simply my little book online. Here I blog about my life with words and life with words in general.

Is this page for me?

I write primarily for you who, like me, are new out in writing and blogging. You can read about words that concern me, about stories, about the books I’ve read, about writing, and not least about blogging. I write from the experience I make along the way, or from articles and books I’ve read.

Did you end up here thinking that you will never be going to write or blog, then take look around anyway, because even if you think that you don’t write, you’re doing it many times in your life, such as when you go to school, in training, is attending a course, prepares reports on your work, writing emails at work or at home, send text messages, make status updates, etc. (continue on your own). Even my friend who is dyslexic writes.

But even if you should be experienced in the subject, you are still welcome here. Maybe I have a tip, you have not heard of before, or you just want to read about others’ experiences.

How to use the Wibellus site

I hope this got you interested in taking a tour on the website.

In the menu at the top of the page, you have the option to search for all information published on Wibellus.

In addition you find a list of popular posts and a list of categories of posts.

Commenting blog posts

Do you have any comments to a post, I’ll be happy to hear from you. Comments can be made by leaving af replay below the post.

Share and enjoy!

Do you like the my articles or do you think they might be of interest for others, then I ask you to share the page with your friends using the share buttons at the bottom of the posts.

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Enjoy reading!


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